Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op

5 years ago | by Sally Scott

Beach holidays are synonymous with sunshine and seafood and the best local seafood on the Coffs Coast can be found at Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op.

Make the Co-op your first stop in Coffs and grab the freshest local seafood for holiday entertaining, learn how to cook creative seafood dishes, discover more with a tour or simply pop in for quality takeaway.

Joshua “Cookie” Cook and Rebecca Wilson are the operations team behind Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op. Both are passionate about delivering the freshest seafood to locals and visitors and educating the public on sustainable seafood.

Cookie’s love of the sea is evident “growing up next to the ocean my entire life, fishing and seafood is in my blood. For me, having the opportunity to share my knowledge from boat to plate means my vocation, as a fishmonger in Coffs Harbour is a purposeful one. Every time I explain how to use an under-utilised species – of which you could eat a new one for every day of the year – to either a customer or a chef, I feel like I’ve ticked a box for my own personal growth and the industry as a whole.”

Fresh Local Seafood

The mission of Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op is to provide premium seafood that is locally produced in a sustainable manner.

For the ultimate Coffs holiday experience, order an epic seafood platter and be confident you’ve bought the freshest seafood possible. Cookie says, “from wharf to window there is a distance of just 57m, I’ve measured it! You can’t get fresher than that.” The Co-op relies on 40 members to bring in their catch of the day, selected for their sustainability practices and dedication to quality. As an added service, you can order online and have fresh seafood delivered straight to your door in a handy esky. Imagine kick starting your holiday with oysters and a seafood platter delivered directly to your accommodation!

Cooking Demonstrations & Recipes

Cookie is the “celebrity chef” of Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op. Drawing on his 12 years as a seafood chef, Cookie inspires people to cook creatively and teaches them how to cook unfamiliar varieties via his weekly cooking videos. Cookie hopes customers will change their buying habits and shop for seafood based on what is in season, rather than coming with a pre-conceived shopping list so they’re choosing the freshest fish and shopping locally.

Takeaway by the Sea

If you have fond holiday memories of fish and chips by the sea, then relive this experience with the best fish and chips in Coffs Harbour. The Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op offers a wide variety of locally caught fish including mahi mahi, snapper and swordfish. While the takeaway menu centres on traditional fish and chips, healthy options are also available and daily specials change up to three times per day based on the catch of the day. You won’t find fresher or tastier.

Tour Behind the Scenes

Visitors to the Coffs Coast can book a tour of the Co-op and witness a real working harbour in action. Watch the fishermen bring in their catch of the day to be weighed and processed ready for sale. The fishing grounds of Coffs Harbour are renowned for their quality and diversity, with fishermen catching up to 500 varieties of seafood in the local waters, which means every tour is different based on the day’s catch. The behind the scenes tour offers the opportunity to speak to the fishermen and learn about sustainable seafood, ideal for the seafood lover, foodie or family.