Kombu Wholefoods


Kombu Wholefoods, 1 Church St,
Bellingen NSW 2454

Take a delicious detour to Bellingen, a charming hinterland village along the Waterfall Way with a high street filled with quirky cafes and stores and a streetscape featuring the most stunning architecture. One such store and foodie find in Bellingen is Kombu, a family owned organic grocer and champion of local produce.

The thoughtfully curated range of products in Kombu Wholefoods hints at a business passionate about social and environmental responsibility.

The Kombu Story

Originally founded by Kevin and Lowanna Doye in 2004, Kombu has evolved and grown into its current larger premises on Church Street. Kevin and Lowanna run Kombu as a social enterprise; where environmental and social impacts of the business are considered equally as important as the usual financial considerations.

Kombu aims to showcase the finest quality bulk wholefoods in its Bellingen store. Where possible, products are sourced based on minimal packaging, and favouring regional products so its fresher, more affordable, supports the local community and is more sustainable for the environment.

Kombu Wholefoods Store

Kombu is the kind of store you wish was your local. The shelves are lined with products carefully chosen for their suitability including organic teas, earth friendly tools, eco cleaning products and more. At the rear of the store you’ll find fresh produce and bulk goods where you can scoop your own nuts, seeds and dry goods. 100% of the produce at Kombu is either organic, from regional markets, local or chemical free. Products such as Inglewood Chicken are neatly labelled “buy directly from the farm” to remind shoppers of the produce’s origins.

Proud of its 100% natural food credentials, Kombu’s mission statement is posted prominently above the door stating, “We will strive to provide organic produce, as we believe eating food free of chemicals and hormones is more beneficial for you and more sustainable for the earth.”

The Local Producers

Kombu work with a wide range of Coffs Coast organic growers and producers including Clearwater Gardens, a family run farm in Gleniffer supplying organic fruit and vegetables. Likewise, Athol Glen Tumeric grown by Carl Richardson on the Mid North Coast hinterland is another passionate local supplier. You can’t get more local than right in Bellingen and Bellingen Mushrooms supply sensational shiitakes and other gourmet mushrooms grown by Mark and Kay Fairweather from their own backyard.

Discussing his passion for local produce and supporting local farmers Kevin says, “The Coffs Coast is a beautiful and diverse part of the East Coast. Our local suppliers live up mountains, in valleys and on the coast. That gives us access to a wide range of foods across an extended growing season. We also have a local produce coordinator who works hard to source as much fruit and vegetables from local and regional, chemical-free small-scale farms. Buying local produce supports our growers, keeping the money in our area, building a more thriving community, reducing our food miles, and providing our customers with fresh, nourishing raw ingredients”.

Shop Local and Sustainably

Kombu stock over 300 bulk lines because buying in bulk is more affordable and requires less packaging, a win for your pocket and the planet! Owner Lowanna makes these suggestions for how we can all make changes to live healthier and more eco-friendly lives saying, “We can look at where we shop. Supporting local stores means more money circulating in our communities and a healthier and more thriving life for us all.”

Make Kombu Wholefoods your local or if you’re visiting the region swing by and stock up on natural nourishing essentials.